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Have a Long Term Sustainable Value Mindset! The Hidden Costs of Going It Alone.

In the mission-critical space, where speed, reliability, and scalability drive success, how you handle procurement matters immensely. Executive and middle managers often grapple with a vital decision: Should they build an in-house procurement team? Should they outsource to a one-size-fits-all solution? Or should they engage with industry-specific experts? The real question should be, “what will drive the most long term sustainable value possible?”.

While building your own team or opting for an industry-agnostic solution might seem appealing, here’s a detailed analysis of why they might not offer the best long-term value:

1. Building Your Own Team


  • Direct Control: Oversee every aspect of the procurement process.
  • In-House Expertise: Cultivates an intrinsic organizational understanding of procurement needs.


  • Time-Intensive: Significant time investment required in recruiting, training, and nurturing. This delay can cost organizations driven by missed opportunities and stalled projects.
  • High Turnover: In-house teams, especially in niche industries, face higher attrition rates leading to inconsistent performance and lost knowledge.
  • Limited Perspective: Without broad industry exposure, strategies can stagnate or miss out on best practices.
  • Resource Intensiveness: Constant need for upskilling, retraining, and investing in resources to stay current.

2. Outsourcing to Industry-Agnostic Solutions


  • Immediate Engagement: Quick to deploy for immediate needs.
  • Perceived Cost-Effectiveness: Initial costs will seem lower and more “justifiable”.


  • Generic Solutions: Not tailored to the mission-critical space, leading to potential misalignments.
  • Reduced Control: Handing over the reins can lead to miscommunications, timing, and reliability issues.
  • Lack of Industry Knowledge: Without mission-critical expertise, solutions might not address industry-specific challenges.
  • No Long-term Strategy: Often focused on transactional engagements without a vision for future growth or scalability.

3. The Value Proposition of a Dedicated Procurement Advisory


  • Tailored Expertise: Deep understanding of the mission-critical space ensures alignment with industry needs.
  • Time Efficiency: Expert strategies lead to faster, more reliable results.
  • Scalable Solutions: As your business grows, our strategies evolve, ensuring a future-proof approach.
  • Cost Efficiency in the Long Run: A strategic partnership can unearth a multitude of hidden efficiencies and savings over time.


  • Initial Investment: Might appear higher but delivers unparalleled ROI in the long term.

The Bottom Line

While it might be tempting to keep procurement close to home with an in-house team or to cut immediate costs with a generic solution, the mission-critical space demands specialized expertise. The landscape is ever-evolving, and the stakes are higher than ever in the dawn of Artificial Intelligence.

Engaging with a dedicated team from Empirix ensures not just solutions, but strategies that will be your competitive advantage, driving faster, predictable, and scalable results. As you navigate the complex procurement waters, ask yourself: “Am I looking for a short-term fix, or a long-term strategic partner?”. If that doesn’t work then simplify it down to, “What is going to drive the most long term sustainable value?”

Choose wisely. Your organization’s future might just depend on it.

Now that you understand the true value of working with Empirix Partners, reach out to us so we can get started!

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