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Let's Bring Your Next Mission Critical
Project Online, On Time.

With the right long-term partner and a disciplined, predictable, and scalable approach,
you can turn your OFCI or CFCI program into a go-to-market advantage.

Phase 1:
Strategic Assessment

How We Work: Working with your team for 60 days, we develop a benchmark-driven OFCI or CFCI roadmap for project-specific opportunities and program-level deployments.

What Your Investment Creates: An objective evaluation of your current strategy, people, processes, and technology. From that foundation, we partner to craft a uniquely actionable go-to-market strategy for your organization.

P1 Strategy Blueprint

Phase 2:
Program Development

How We Work: From the foundation of your strategic assessment, we build or upgrade your OFCI or CFCI platform, processes, and support specific to your context.

What Your Investment Creates: A disciplined, predictable, and scalable OFCI or CFCI program, with support from or execution by the Empirix team. 

P2 Program

Phase 3:
Project Execution

How We Work: Working from your best-in-class platform, we provide full-service equipment, services, and supplier management from order to delivery, with end-to-end visibility for customers, providers, general contactors, and suppliers.

What Your Investment Creates: Real-time visibility and world-class leverage to de-risk your project for the best Total Cost of Ownership.

P3 Execution

Phase 4:
Portfolio Management

How We Work: Empirix Partners leads your global OFCI or CFCI portfolio as your partner for strategy, continuous program development, and disciplined, predictable, and scalable project execution. 

What Your Investment Creates: A truly best-in-class OFCI or CFCI capability and partner that become your go-to-market competitive advantage.

p4 Program

Ready for your next Mission Critical project to be online, on time?