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(AUDIO) The Origin, Meaning, and Application of the Terms Disciplined, Predictable, and Scalable

Zach Peña — Chief Executive Officer

Ethan Summers — Chief of Staff

Today, we're discussing how Empirix Partners adopted the terms Disciplined, Predictable, and Scalable, and how we use these terms to drive every decision we make in the mission-critical field.


In this recording, we review the Empirix meaning of the three key terms:

  • Disciplined: Executing processes with such consistency and repetition that they become ingrained, enabling seamless and reliable performance.
  • Predictable: Utilizing data and insights to reliably forecast potential outcomes, allowing you to plan and prepare accordingly for successful execution.
  • Scalable: Designing solutions and processes with the flexibility to expand, evolve, and mature at the required pace, accommodating growth and changing demands without compromising performance or reliability.


We discuss applying these three terms to the mission-critical space and how these principles become actionable.


And much more.


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