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The Mission Critical World Requires a Pioneer’s Mindset: The Adaptable Chief of Staff as a Pioneer

In the 42nd issue of Ask a COS, Empirix Partner's own Chief of Staff, Ethan Summers, writes about the necessity of pioneers in the Mission Critical world.

As the Mission Critical field surges to the forefront of supply chain applications, it is essential to have the right mentality to achieve desired outcomes. Ethan Summers delves into what characteristics make a great pioneer and how the pioneer mentality can be applied at any level.

With Ethan’s extensive background, including his diverse experience in startups, the article offers deep insights into why pioneers are necessary to executives and how someone can utilize the 6-step pioneer playbook to achieve success.

By providing proven, real-world examples of the skills exemplified by pioneers, Ethan reveals how anyone can spearhead pioneering initiatives that are strategically aligned with a company’s overarching vision, radically enhancing the organization’s capabilities and unlocking new pathways for future growth. 


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