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Guest Podcast with TXI Digital – From the Marine Corps to Industry 4.0: Zach Peña’s Insights on Building Resilient Supply Chains

In this episode of the Modern Industrialist podcast, hosts Jason Hehman and Patrick Turley speak to Zach Peña from Empirix Partners to explore the pivotal role of strategic sourcing and procurement in the era of industry 4.0.


They delve into the challenges and strategies for building resilient supply chains, particularly in mission-critical infrastructure like data centers.

With Zach’s extensive background, including his experience in the Marine Corps and at companies like NTT and Microsoft, the conversation offers deep insights into optimizing procurement processes, ensuring supply chain resilience, and the importance of technology in industrial innovation.

We conclude with reflections on the broader implications of these discussions for the future of industrial automation, AI, and smart manufacturing, highlighting the critical nature of embracing technology for sustainable growth in the industrial sector.

And much more.



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